1. Factory Audit

We can provide our social audits of BSCI, SEDEX,TARGET,WALMART,DISNEY and so on.

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2. Product Test

Obviously it is important and we can provide our products in good quality.

We always make sure our footwear can pass the physical tests or chemical tests.

For starting we are professional to choose the correct materials for sampling.

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3. Material Choosing.

There are different production methods. 

We are happy to discuss and fix the suitable production process with client firstly.

According to different requests, we always choose best materials according to our productions.

Our production manager always suggest the suitable materials firstly.

Then we will confirm all the mateirals are based on our test requests. and original test reports will prove the quality.

4. There are so many LOGO methods for a design of shoes.

After negotiation,we can choose a suitable and logo production for a design.

The logo quality will show the brand value directly.

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5. Packing

Packing Material and method is so obvious and important.

We can choose the best packing materials and produce the quality labels on the packing.

Eco-packing is a trend.

And we can calculate the most suitable packing specifications in order to protect our shoes and save our container volumn.

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